Montgomery County Housing Authority




  • Screen the family to be sure that they will be good tenants. You should look at their rental history, credit history, and criminal history, if applicable.

  • Abide by your obligations of the lease to the family.

  • Abide by your contractual obligations to MCHA. This includes providing the information required by MCHA to complete HUD paperwork to allow payment of rent.

  • Maintain the unit up to the standards of MCHA, HUD, and local code enforcement.

  • Follow the fair housing and equal opportunity requirements.

  • Collect from the family any security deposit, the family's portion of the rent, and any charge to repair damage caused by the family.

  • Follow the law on security deposits, including interest payments and refunds when the tenant moves out of the unit.

  • Notify MCHA if the family violates the lease, or if there is any other problem with the family.

  • Pay for utilities and services for which you are responsible under the lease agreement.

  • This list is not all inclusive. Please refer to your Housing Assistance Payment (HAP) Contract.